Mar 7, 2011

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Unions Island – Kiting, Fishing, Surfing and Plane Crash !

Unions Island – Kiting, Fishing, Surfing and Plane Crash !

Yeah mon !

Union island is  by far my favourite place to be in the world right now. We are a bunch a friends down here enjoying the island life, always finding new things to do.

We have been exploring all the reefs around for the last few days with or without the kites, the wind and waves were amazing.

Right now the wind came down and we are using the boats to go spear fishing on some of the most beautiful spot. I’m just back from a super nice underwater session where I saw a beautiful eagle ray, a few huge turtles and a nice small shark. We caught a few Barracudas which went straight in our dinners plates.

Yesterday, coming down from the house where we were staying, someone asked me why is a plane landing the wrong way (we are actually living just in front of the small runway).  I answered that she was certainly hallucinating because the 15 knots wind coming from the east would make it almost impossible for a plane to land the opposite direction (especially here).

But she was right, a medium size plane (16 sits) with twins reactors was actually trying to land wind in the back on the small Union Island runway.

As soon as I saw this I realized that something was wrong. The plane was already at two third of the runway with a lot of speed when he started to put it’s reverse full on and braking. Unfortunately he was way to short and ended his course on the side straight in the fence. The noise it made was incredible and seeing it happening in front of our eyes was very impressive.

We then headed around it to see if everyone was safe before to be sure there was no fire. Noone got harmed but the plane !

To make the story short and from the latest updates I got, the small plane coming from Venezuela with two confirmed pilots on board was in communication with Canouan airport ( the next island) which has a longer runway for jets. The plane was turning around Union island thinking it was canouan and decided to land the other way because of the small hill being on his way. Canouan control tower didn’t know why they were affraid of the “hill” because Canouan had a complete different configuration without hills on the way….

Anyway they decided to take the runway the wrong way with the wind in the back wich made it impossible for them.

This is the latest updates I got … not confirmed… but if it is what happened …. I whish to never fly with two pilots like that …and I hope someone have told them that they crashed on Union island and not on Canouan 😉

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  1. Omg that’s sounds awesome exploring reefs islands my kinda style yeah we have the quiksilver roxy pro on here right now :)…,
    at rainbow beach Kirra gold coast Australia it rips:)…..

  2. philip moell says:


    i have been following your travels and i’m very impressed…

    we are taking our catamaran from trinidad to st. lucia this mai…

    any tips what we shouldnt miss? what are your favorite spots?

    you guys are not going to around then by any chance.



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