Aug 23, 2010

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ZANZIBAR, photos and travel update

ZANZIBAR, photos and travel update

If you have followed me on facebook or twitter, you have already been spoiled with some breath taking pictures of the new Razor kite and my pro model board the JT pro 138×42 and 132×40. All of those were taken here, on the island of Zanzibar where I am spending  a few weeks to shoot most of the 2011 Ocean Rodeo product line, a new video for my travel series, and generally having a good time.

The island is only a few miles away from Tanzania on the south east coast of Africa. The landscapes here are amazing, the people very friendly and the wind has been blowing almost every day since we arrived.
We are staying on the east coast of the island at Paje, the main kitespot here where all the kiteschools are located. We are lucky to be staying in a charming beach front hotel, Paje by Night : ( , which offer a good wireless internet, nice rooms and a swimming pool, everything nice to spoil us after long days of kiting. Marco the owner is also a very cool guy and local kiter.

We have been hanging out at the Haraka kite kiteschool ( with many super nice local riders ( Laura, Marco, Marcus, Karima, Mathias and his family, owners of the kite center …) everyone welcomed us and showed us how things are being done down here; slowly and easy.
The windy season is actually divided in two, starting in December to March , then April May is the rain season (but still windy)  then you can kite again with beautiful blue sky from May till October.
The  spot is on the inside of a very long barrier reef which creates one of the most beautiful lagoons I have had the luck to kite in.  You can ride flat water on the inside or go out in the waves and surf looking for the best breaks along the coast line. The colors here are amazing.

The tide is pretty consistent and changes the spot considerably. It isn’t a bad thing as we can play and hit some nice kickers at high tide or ride the flattest water at low tide.
The whole lagoon is knee deep at low and medium tide with a side on shore wind with a 15 to 20 knots average strength.

There are several kite schools on this spot and it is certainly one of the easiest spot I have ever seen for beginners.
Linn and I have been pretty busy during the last few days, shooting videos and photos of the new Ocean Rodeo gear. I have had the chance to ride the 8m Razor kite, the new hybrid/C kite from Ocean Rodeo , and I can say that I have been very surprised by it’s performances in light wind and freestyle. I’ll post a full review on my site in a couple of days, so stay tuned.

For now, find here  a small selection of pictures we have been taking this week.
We will be hanging out on the beach and around the island for a couple more weeks. We are planning on visiting and shooting the best places around here and maybe go on a little safari trip on the main land.

More pictures and news update to come.
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  1. Looks like a great kite. Looking forward to reading some more. I need to know if it will replace the Diablo.

  2. Im pretty sure it could. Its a great kite with amazing low end. I’ll post the review in a couple days.

  3. just4kiting says:

    Hey Jeremie,

    Als always man you put up some good picx and looking forward for some videos from ya 🙂

    I’m going to Africa next year and hopefully someday made to Zanzibar..

    Safe travels!


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