Aug 13, 2011

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Surfing in France

Surfing in France

France is renown for it’s amazing beach break along the south west coast, this is why we decided to pay a visit to some friends in the city of Biarritz where we have just spent the last 2 weeks surfing and playing around with my new go pro HD rigs for 3D . check out for more info on this.


We have had some great conditions even though the place can be packed with surfers and bodyboarders during this time of the year.

Anyway we tried and get the best of it surfing the Mascaret which didn’t end up too good this year anyway as we were a little late but still a fun experience.

A few days after our arrival we joined the “Fête de Bayonne”  which is one of the biggest street party int he world with over a million people partying during the whole week.


A couple days ago, I had the chance to visit the Xsories headquarters. Xsories is a brand focusing on building accessories for the go pro line up but also for all beach photographers out there. You should definetely check their site out:

We are now around the French Riviera where the sea is much more quiet but where we will have more chances to score some kiting sessions.

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