Mar 11, 2010

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Surf and Kite in Martinique

Surf and Kite in Martinique

Second post since I started the new blog a couple days ago, and it feels so good to be able to log in to the admin pannel and just post new pics and updates.

When I was updating the flash site I had to do everything manualy, go through some lines of codes and spend a lot of time, so hopefully I will now be able to post more often so don’t forget to come check it out !

This is a pretty bad year for the wind in the Caribbean, all the islands suffer from very low trade winds, but the swell has been pretty good this season making all the surfers very happy.

Two days ago, with Linn, we rented a small car and drove around the island seeking for some waves and a little wind. We are now staying in St Luce, in the south of the island.

Martinique is only 60 kms long and it takes about 1hour40 min to two hours to drive from one point to the other.

After a quick check on windfinder, we saw that the forecast was pretty good for the waves with a small swell coming from the north and a little bit of wind from the south/south east wich is pretty rare here.

We drove up north to Tartane, a little fishing village where most of the main surf spots are located.

Along the road we witnessed some pretty good sets breaking out on the reef, the time to take my new 7D out and take some shots for my next videos. You can have a look at some of the screenshot I extracted for the blog.

I went in for an hour, took some nice waves, but because I had broken my leash in Ponta Preta in Cape Verde and hadn’t replace it since, I went leashless and swam a lot 😉

The wind was slowly picking up, so we drove back to the south of the island to the spot of anse Trabaud.

You have to take a very old dirt road to get there, and because you pass over someone’s land, you have to pay 2,50euro to access the beach, which is pretty funny and weird if you are not use to it.

The wind was very light but I pumped up my 12m diablo and went out for a small strapless session in the small beach breack. The waves weren’t as good as in Tartane because of the south exposure of the coast, but there was at least enough wind to fly a kite.

Tomorrow we are flying to the island of St Martin situated more North to attend a cool Caribbean kite contest, the SXM challenge: .

We will be staying 10 days, exploring the islands around and all the kite potential St Martin has to offer.

I will post a little more about the competition and the trip in a few days.

You can also follow the live updates from my twitter account by following me or checking the sidebar wit the live twitter feed on this blog !

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  1. Great Post Man.. soon in my Paradise 😉

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  3. How can you go to Martinique and not publish a pict of Marcel the Pirate? You gonna have trouble when you’ll fly back from Sin Marteen, the Caraibes are HIS garden. Don’t mess with The Pirate!!!

  4. Looking forward to reading more updates from now on 🙂

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