Mar 25, 2010

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After the SXM challenge  I decided to stay one more week on the island of st Maarten to discover it’s kite and surf potential. Unfortunatly the Forecast hasn’t been so good but we had a couple days with enough wind to shoot some nicre pictures and videos !
St Maarten is  separated in two, with on one side the French quarter and on the other, the Dutch quarter. The main currencies are dollars and euros, but if you are planing on giong to St Maarten, I invite you to bring some dollars as most of the restaurants and bars have the strangest exchange rate ever:  1$=1euro  !
We mainly kited in Orient bay. The wind was coming from the south, which is a pretty unusual direction for the Caribbean, but it offers new possibilities, and Orient bay and it’s beautiful islands becomes a very nice freestyle spot.
One of my other favorite spot is Galion bay, it has flat water and nice waves on the reef. Unfortunatly the spot is almost forbidden to kite on, so if you are planing on going there, ask the locals about it.
We found some pretty nice small waves on the outside of Green Cay reef where we went surfing and then kite the next day when the wind was a little stronger.
One of the interesting thing is that there are plenty of things to do on St Maarten if the wind isn’t showing up. So we decided to drive to the Dutch Quarter and it’s international Airport, famous wordwide. The runway starts from a small beach and a road. So as soon as a plane takes of, the power of the jet blast is so intense that everybody behind get rolled to the water. If a car happens to be there at this time, it sometimes also get rolled !!! This place is crazy and many people are waiting all day to see he huge planes landing and other taking of only a few meters from the beach.
I thought of trying it with a kite but only had my 12m, next time I promise I will be there standing with a smaller kite and short line and test the jet blast  hehehe.  We got some pretty crazy shots on videos of those big planes landing !
One other good thing on the island is the tax free electronic and camera shops in Philisburg ! So I got to spend some $ and bought the 70-200 f2.8 USM IS canon L lens ! It will replace my 70-200 2.8 sigma lens. I swiched to the canon because of the IS which is very useful when I film with my 7D. I also got the new noise cancelation Bose headphone perfect for flying in planes and the mac magic mouse.
The trade winds were suppose to be back last Monday so we decided to extend our stay on St Maarten to be able to sail to Anguilla, the island up North, but unfortunatly, thanks the Air Caraïbes we weren’t able to  change our flights …. 🙁
So we came back Sunday to Martinique and enjoyed here the come back of the wind !
We went kiting in Pointe Fola on the south east of the island. The wind isn’t very strong there but the spot is super flat and there is a small slider.
Tomorrow afternoon we are flying to the island of St Lucia for the kite fiesta. An other big Caribbean contest where parties and kiting will be our main focus 😉
I will be posting a small video of St Maarten as soon as I get the time to edit it, so stay tuned!
Jeremie Tronet

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  1. fotos lindas,
    lugares incriveis …

  2. Obrigado ! 😉

  3. will be there the 15th.. can’t wait…

  4. sweet ! u should come down visit in the Grenadines


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