Mar 15, 2010

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St Maarten – Caribbean for the SXM challenge

St Maarten – Caribbean for the SXM challenge
What’s up guys ! The blog is rolling, and  it gets loads of visits every day which is a good motivation for me to keep updating it with interesting news from all over the place.
After Martinique we flew down to St Maarten for the SXM challenge and to do a little trip for kite magazines.
St Marteen is a small island located between the BVI and the Island of Guadeloupe on the Caribbean Arc.
The island is actually divided in two, the French and the Dutch part. The French part is inhabited by French people coming from martinique or Guadeloupe and soemtime France. The Dutch part is mainly populated by locals from the Caribbean speaking English, so the Dutch colonisation is almost inperciptible.
We found a super nice guesthouse on the French part at a pretty cool price. It’s called les alizés and it is located in Gran Case along the main street where the bars and restaurant are situated. We are beach front facing Anguilla island and could jump of the balconi straight into the Caribbean sea.
A few years ago we used to come down here for this incredible event which is the SXM challenge. It was part of the Caribbean championship with big parties and lot’s of parties, eventualy we kited but that wasn’t the main focus for all the riders coming down hehehe.
This year, Cécile and Manu from the wind adventures kite club on Orient bay beach did it again and invited Linn and I to do some cool freestyle demos. The contest was mainly racing monotype on race boards, but not being into racing much I stuck to freestyle and did some demos in very light wind the first day.
They also did some kayak, windsurf and catamaran races along with kiteboarding.
The wind wasn’t very strong but the organisation was keeping up the level of what the sxm challenge is all about, having fun !
A big thank to Cécile and Manu for organizing everything and hopefully we will be here next year for the next event !
The parties are insane here, and yesterday night we got the chance to spend some time at the “nuit de la glisse” a big night show focussing on all board sports. Riders like Park bonifay and other pro surfers and windsurfers were here to represent and show of their last movies …. SXM got it all !
One of the funny thing about Orient bay , where the competition is located is the nudist camp and beach a little up wind. So during all along the contest you see all kind of things passing by …. We tried to catch a few on tape with the kite in it but the wind wasn’t very good and honestly it isn’t something you would have like to see.
Right now we are still on the island, haging out coz the wind isn’t going to show up for a few more days. Hopefully we will be  surfing and shoot some more pictures and videos.
I will be posting more stuff very soon so keep coming on the blog part of

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  1. Miss this place man, thanks for sharing

  2. Was so nice to “sea” you again, have a nice trip and you ll be welcome in St Barth.




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