Jun 9, 2016

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Royalty Free Kitesurfing Pictures

Royalty Free Kitesurfing Pictures

Over an entire season I end up with a lot of high resolution High quality Kiteboarding pictures seating in my hard drive.

Unfortunately a lot of these shot end up never being published and instead of having them lost in my computer I think it is a much better idea to put them out there and share them with the entire world to see and use them if they need to.

This is why I created www.kite-photo.com/nkb which is basically a link to my Flickr account where all my pictures from the previous seasons are uploaded in original resolution for anyone interested to download.

I have just uploaded the set of 2015 pictures using my North Kiteboarding equipment.

Do not hesitate to download them to use for all of your web or print projects.

I just want a link of www.jeremietronet.com or www.kitesurfgrenadines.com on the website they are being used.

You can also use them for printing for your businesses as decoration.

For any commercial work just email me first explaining the nature of the work so I can give you a formal authorization to use the picture.


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