Jul 16, 2012

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Prodigy freeride kite promo video

Prodigy freeride kite promo video

Shot a couple weeks ago here at the JT Pro center on Union Island this short clip shows the potential of Ocean Rodeo’s new freeride kite the Prodigy.


From Ocean Rodeo:

Introducing the all new 3 strut Prodigy from Ocean Rodeo! Designed to deliver a whole new level of Freeride Experience the Prodigy is an amazing kite for beginners to pro! Ultra stable flight makes this kite easily predictable with zero possibility for a stall or luff over! Ultra short anti-tangle bridles ensure the kite is dead simple to relaunch and the kite features just the right amount of bar pressure and back line tension to ensure it is fully in control even when heavily depowered.

For more information visit oceanrodeo.com or any of our international dealers!


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