Jun 28, 2010

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Orange Massilia freestyle cup in France

Orange Massilia freestyle cup in France

Just arrived in France I took a train to the big city of Marseille in the south. Marseille is a beautiful city well located and is a great location for kiteboarding because of the Mistral blowing strong and quiet often.

I arrived a little late the first day of the Orange Massilia freestyle cup, the event organized by the Mouss brothers where I was invited together with some other international pro kiteboarders. I had participated last year already and came back really exited to see what they had gotten ready for us. The south of France suffered from a severe flooding at the time and I almost didn’t make it as all the train were cancelled.

This year, kiteboarding, windsurfing freestyle, SUP, and the world cup bowl series would be the sport represented.

The wind didn’t show up the first two days which isn’t to bad in Marseille during such en event, we could chill out by the beach, test some of the next cool video games presented and enjoy the sunset music festival every evening right on the beach.

The next three days  we finally had to unpack our boardbag and go do the show  for people on the beach who came for the event. The mistral came in pretty strong with over 35 knots the last two days. Mallory, Sam Light, Jalou Langeree and Flo Daubos were the kiters on the water this year, the same team as the last OMFC.

The nightlife in Marseille didn’t disappoint us at all and every morning we had to go kite was more and more difficult as the week was coming to an end …

We had a lot of fun kiting and partying all together with such great organisation.

Thanks again to Les Mouss, the video is coming soon !

More info at www.omfc.fr

Photos Courtesy by JM Favre et Orange Massilia freestyle Cup

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