Jun 15, 2010

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Nick Jacobsen – Trick of the day video – MOBE

Nick Jacobsen – Trick of the day video – MOBE

Nick is certainly the coolest pro kiter I know, look at his videos and you will understand what I mean, he is always finding new ways to have fun kiting !!

Lately, I don’t know what happened to him, I’m a little worried. I think that his girlfriend left him and he is going threw a depressive phase. He spends his days in bed singing and making a new serie of cool little video featuring rider from all over the world: Trick of the Day !

I’m on today’s video, check it out:

Then you will be voting for your favorite one.

Nick also says on his website: “You WILL get busted if you cheat with the votes.” I don’t think it’s true and I encourage you all to cheat and send me millions of votes.

Check out Nick’s website: www.nickjacobsen.dk and send him your best wishes and warm messages, we need him out of the bed and back on the water ripping.

Here is the page of the other entries of the trick of the day: TRICK OF THE DAY PAGE

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