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New Year, New Sponsor: North Kiteboarding International Team Rider

New Year, New Sponsor: North Kiteboarding International Team Rider

Happy New Year everyone !

After a Year focussing on the JT Pro Center Kitesurfing school and center on Union Island in the Caribbean, I am very happy and proud to announce that I am starting 2015 by being part of the North Kiteboarding International team !
I am very exited to be working with one of the biggest Kiteboarding brand  in the world to promote their vision and gear with my videos and photos but also link North Kiteboarding to the JT Pro Center on Union island!

I have received the 2015 EVO Kite and the North Team Series which I am using with the entity foot pad and straps.
My Gambler board and bars for the 2015 Vegas are still held in custom here and I should be able to get everything to get back on the water with the boots as soon as everything has arrived.

From the moment I saw the new gear I was stunned by the professionalism and quality of the equipment. Everything is designed to work well with an excellent finish and engineering.EH1A5765 (Large)

from the Bars to the Kites and Boards, everything is flawless and adaptable to fit every customers needs.
When you are using the North Kiteboarding Brand you choose to go for high quality equipment that you will not be disappointed with.
I have had the time for the last few days to try out some of the new 2015 toys, here are some of my first impression:


The 2015 EVO Kites:

EH1A5204 (Large)
Sizes of Choice: 14 – 12 – 10 – 8
I have ordered the 2015 EVO kites to have in the JT Pro Center, for teaching, renting and using myself.

Tom Hebert, NKB team rider advice me to use the EVO as the most versatile kite and he was 100% right.
As I do not have the bars to use my 2015 Vegas, I have taken the time to ride on the EVO 12 and 14.
I use the Kite with the 22m quad bar ( 4 lines set up).
Both Kites have an amazing wind range, I haven’t felt over powered with the 14m yet even though we had some pretty decent winds here.
Using bigger kites often means poor lift performances and slower turning speed, this is absolutely not the case with the 14m EVO. The Kites has an amazing lift and great hang time which allows for massive airs.
I have also unhooked the 14m EVO a couple times and the kites plays very nicely with unhooked tricks.
My opinion is that the North Kiteboarding 2015 EVO is the most versatile and best all around kite I have ever used and it is the kite I recommend for 95 % of the Kiteboarders from beginners to pros looking to have a nice all around kites that they will be able to handle in all conditions for most ridding styles.


The Quad Control Bar:

I really wanted to use my kites with a 4 lines bar so I decided to use the EVO kites on the 22m quad control bar. I have set up the EVO kites with the 24m Quad bar for all of the Kiteschool rental and Kite lesson Kites.
The bar is very well designed with a lot of adjustable settings for the width of the bar and an option for 5th line.
The quick release and Leash attachment are extremely well made and work flawlessly.


Team Series Board 138 x 41

EH1A5041 (Large)

I wanted to be keep a board with foot straps for all the fun board off jumps, Jesus Style tricks and free riding session. I chose the Team Series board so I could also set a pair a boots on it when needed until I receive the 100% wakestyle 2015 Gambler board.


The 138 Team series board performs extremely well, no doubt most NKB team riders are using it on the PKRA. The pop is very nice, the board outline is well built allowing a great ride without getting sprayed in the face when the water gets a little more choppy.


The entity foot pads and straps

EH1A5039 (Large)


I have set up the board with the entity Foot pads and straps. These are the most advanced and confortable foot bads and strap set up I have ever used. It can be configured for every need, widder, tighter or with a softer or harder foot pad. I didn’t know so much designing work could have been put into a footpads and straps set up, and I am very pleased to have chosen this set up.


If you are ridding an other brand board and you are not planing on changing any time soon, you should at least consider trying out these pads and straps that could could set up on any of your favorite board.

Harness Styler Pop

EH1A5029 (Large)

My new harness of choice is the North Kiteboarding Styler Pop in Medium size.
I found out that these harness are working well and are well molded.


I am extremely pleased with everything I have tried so far, all the gear went above my highest expectation and I cannot wait to try out the 2015 Vegas and Gambler board on the JT Pro Center small slider we set up.

I will try and update the blog as soon as I receive the rest of the gear so I can share my experience with everyone.


In the mean time you can enjoy a few of these pictures taken at the JT Pro Center a week ago.


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