Nov 20, 2011

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We have been in Brazil for a month now shooting what would become the 2012 Ocean Rodeo product video.

We tried to show a big part of the new 2012 ocean rodeo collection in this video !


In order of appearance you can see:

– 3 of the new 2012 JT pro ocean rodeo board. The JT pro is my pro model coming in 3 sizes.

The JT pro freestyle coming in 132×40 and 138×42 More info on these board here

The JT pro wake coming in 142×43 More info on the JT pro wake here


– The Cypher is the freestyle kite good for wakestyle and waves. More info on the cypher here

– The Rise is the freeride kite of the brand offering a good hang time, great depower and good upwind. More info on the Rise here

-Finally, the Razor is the great all around kite, it does everything well ! More info on the Razor here


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  1. The usual high standard and well worth waiting for!

  2. Sijtze de Leeuw says:

    Hello Jeremie,
    I’m working in Puerto Rico for Phil Morstad as a kitesurfing instructor and my Visa is up so I’m looking for a place to work. Im very experienced, very flexible and always have great feedback from my guests. Are you looking for someone?
    Phil will send you a recommendation and we can get in contact.
    I need to leave Puerto Rico on wednesday 25 Jan.
    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!
    Sijtze de Leeuw

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  4. Hi Laurie and Tom,I thought of you often yadsertey, as I thought of Sheila and the tremendous loss we have suffered.Several of us gathered together in her memory and talked about our times with her, and wondered what might still be done in her memory.One of the friends brought us a copy of the Pastel Journal with the lovely and moving article written by Aaron Schuerr.We hope to go up to her studio sometime and visit with Pete. It’s clear to me that Sheila had a huge impact on the art community of this region, and it’s comforting to know that so many other people have cared for her and honored her. I’m glad she achieved what she did, and I’ll always hold her in my highest regard.Thank you for all you have done.Cris Fulton

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