May 1, 2010

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New magazine cover in Greece

New magazine cover in Greece

One more !

The really cool Greek magazine 3S board & skis just came out with the picture we took in Egypt last season !

No Photoshop here just a hot model and the right timing !

Check out their website:

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  1. Katrina, you look so awesome !! I was thiiknng all the way along that it looked like you were losing weight, and now i know why.. you poor thing, how did you cope while you were on the show? Loved your styling for the belle room, it was far and above thee best!! But how cute were the two guys with their beach inspired room? Bless their cotton socks!!! they made me laugh!! And you didnt deserve chumps last night me and my little one were spewing at that, then tonight when you and amie won, he turned round with his hand up and yelled `hi five ` !! he s rooting for yous!!!Laura x[]

  2. You look beautiful! (And I’m sure you wudolv’e with rounder curves on your frame too). I loved your room and don’t get the scoring. J & Jenna’s rooms were fantastic but with the space they had, why not! Creativity with the space constraints doesnt seem to be taken into account. Seems unfair!KL[]

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