Sep 24, 2012

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New Facebook page and JT logo

New Facebook page and JT logo

I am super exited to be back from California. This trip was amazing, I met new amazing people and experienced a side of the world I didn’t know enough !

Back on Union Island I am working on my JT Pro Center kiteboarding school to have it ready for the upcoming season.

In the same time I have redesigned my Facebook page which has now over 5 400 likes. I am planing on updating it regularly.

My website also has a new logo which I will be using more consistently with most of my projects.

Stay tuned and like the Facebook page:

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  1. Excellent! I had very similar thoughts when I recently spotted a Joy Division t-shirt in a shop frequented by my daughter. But, what if we turn the irony on its head and wore it, being aware of the irony? OK, yes, it would still look daft… carlos

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