Mar 22, 2010

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New Caribbean magazine cover

New Caribbean magazine cover

Toujoursoolid mag is a Caribbean magazine showing of all the Caribean and Martinican talents.

The have a pretty cool website in French: , and they also started a very nice paper magazine.

In this new issue I made the cover with a super cool shot from Egypt ( no, it’s not Photoshop) ehehe.

It is also featuring  the travel story from the grenadines.

here is the cover:

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  1. Tonight, big opening party for the launching of the #2 of the mag ! It’s in Fort de France at “l’apart” !

  2. Hope the party was good? I went to a small English brewery last night to take a tour with 29 others. Sampled some great real ale followed by a curry to finish. the rest of the family have sufferred today!

  3. cada um de nf3s se identifica com coiass diferentes e o resultado e9 uma inspirae7e3o que pode ou ne3o estar em sintonia com os outros. Gostei muito do texto e do vosso ponto de vista da moda! parabe9ns! bjinho!

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