Aug 2, 2012

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MaiTai Cabarete

MaiTai Cabarete

I have been in Cabarete for the last 10 days shooting with Susi for Ride Along and the Travel Series.

I can’t say that this has been one of my most productive week. We spent some time between La Boca , Encuentro and Bozo beach in front of the Millenium hotel but we haven’t got as much footage as expected, the Cabarete nightlife is to blame here.
Yesterday evening was the start of the MaiTai Underguardi event. Organized by Susi Mai and Bill Tai with the collaboration of Paul Guardi and Lee Underwood. This year’s event brought over fifty people together to share kiteboarding, ideas and future investment strategies.

If you have never heard about the MaiTai events check this interesting article on Forbes HERE or watch the video of the latest  event in Maui.


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