Jun 1, 2010

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Madinina Kite challenge in Martinique – Update and Pictures of the event

Madinina Kite challenge in Martinique – Update and Pictures of the event

We just attended our third event in the Caribbean for this season.

After St Marteen, St Lucia, and a couple month in the Grenadines we flew back to the island of Martinique for the Madinina kite challenge. Organized by the kite shop & school AIRFLY 972 www.airfly972.com located in Le Vauclin on the south east of the island, this event was mixing up a nice wakestyle slider and kicker demonstration with some one design races and a freestyle contest. Le Vauclin in Martinique is becoming one of the main kite spot in the Caribbean for wakestyle or any kind of practises.

Unfortunately the trade winds didn’t show off  their full potential during the contest but the organisation was up to the spot reputation.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with the local crew which had built the small slider and kicker for the occasion ( Nico, Baptist, Steven, Arno, etc …). The parties did make up for the lack of wind though.

They could run all the races . You can find the results and some of the pictures on the event’s website: http://www.mqchallenge.fr

A big thanks to Arno and every body who helped run this contest.

I will be hanging out  ten more days at the Airfly surfcamp  located right on the spot (http://www.airfly972.com) . The kickers and sliders are still here, so we will be shooting a little more with the local riders as soon as the trade winds are back which should take only a couple days.

The wind being pretty light during the event we couldn’t take some real good action shots but we got some pretty funny stuff going on the last day ….

Check out the pictures and you will see what I mean. ( thanks to Willy Gromat for the big wakesk8 windsurf slider pics 😉 )

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