Sep 13, 2010

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Leaving Africa and heading straight to Indonesia

Leaving Africa and heading straight to Indonesia

That’s it, we have just spent one month in Africa, on the island of Zanzibar and it was just amazing !

We were staying in Paje, the main kite spot of the island in the hotel Paje by night : which is located only a hundred meters from where you actually launch your kite. ON the site you can find all the necessary infos to prepare your trip.

The hotel has some really nice rooms and certainly the best nightlife in all Paje. Every friday night there is a really nice party where people can dance untill 2am. The rest of the week there are always people hanging around the bar. The restaurant is also very good and you an stay by the swimming pool after  you kite session. Definetly the place where you wanna be staying in Paje or in Zanzibar if you come here for kiting.

The spot is amazing, I have described all it’s aspects and the right wind season on my previous post here:

The wind was pretty good and you can get away with an 9 and a 12 m kites here. The spot is immense and changes every day depending on how high the tide is. There is a reef all along the east coast where we kite, it protects the lagoon from the waves and offers the possibility of doing endless downwinders . The reef is deep enough making it safe to surf the swell whenever the tide is alright.

We didn’t get in rest during the no wind days, we actually left Paje for a few days and stayed in this amazing resort on the south of Zanzibar, in Kizimkazi, it’s called the Zanzibar Dolphin view Paradise ( and there is a reason for that, your room is actually a big villa with private swimming pool and sea front view. If you get lucky you can witness a few whales passing by on the outside of the reef but the main attraction over there is swimming with dolphins. Hundreds of dolphins are always here around the reef and aren’t afraid of the human presence. It’s actually an amazing experience even if it gets a little too much sometimes with several boats at a time following them. If you want great advice, you go very early around 5:30/6:00 am and it should be a little more quiet.

After 3 days in Kizimkazi we missed Paje and drove back for the end of our stay.

Zanzibar is definetly a new top kite destination, one of the most beautiful and various, Tanzania is famous for it’s Safaris so you can really enjoy your holiday in different ways, go kite and do some other stuff as well.

It is also one of the best places I have seen to learn kiting for beginners, the lagoon is immense and shallow enough to allow you to stand up and walk around and the wind isn’t too strong.

There are several kite schools on the island, one or two located in the north of the island and three on Paje. We were staying with Mathias who owns Haraka kite ( but all the schools work more or less together by sending each other customers  whether you speak French, English, Spanish, Italian, etc …

I will be working on the next travel series and you should be able to see the next video within a month 🙂

I’m now off to Indonesia, while you are reading these lines, I’ll be on a plane traveling threw Africa, Europe and finally land in Indonesia, in Bali where we will be staying for a few days and then head to Sumbawa. We hope to score some great swell and get some surfing done ! Hopefully if the wind picks up we will also be shooting good kite action shots in the waves on the new Ocean Rodeo surf series boards.

We have more than 72 hours of travelling ahead of us with our 150 kg of luggages ! Traveling has a price 😉

I hope you will enjoy the following pictures, and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions !

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  1. Great pictures guys. Looking forward to seeing some more shots and reading your next travel and Ocean Rodeo kit installment write-ups. Zanibar will be on my list of places to visit one day 🙂

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