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The JT Pro Center is the dream project that has finally seen the light on my favourite place on earth, in the Grenadines on Union island.

It is a Kitesurfing centre for advanced  Kitesurfers and Beginners wanting to learn. We focus on giving each person a great experience Kitesurfing on one of the best Kite spot.

More info about the center: www.kitesurfgrenadines.com








The JT Pro Center  is here to make you feel like a pro kiteboarder on a trip somewhere.

The idea behind it is to give anyone the experience of a lifetime by offering the best services on one of the most beautiful Kitesurfing spot in the world.

We offer day tours to the neighbour islands, advanced lesson, photo shoots and a great place to hang out by the bar with your accommodation right on the Kite spot.

Union island is far from all the busy tourist destinations and offer some great Kitesurfing spots.

Book your stay with the JT Pro Center and stay at  the kitebeach hotel by visiting this link.

Find out how to get to Union island by checking out the Getting here page.









Do not look any further, the JT Pro Center is the best place to learn Kitesurfing the safe and easy way.

We have great Kitesurfing instructors and teach following the IKO and JT Pro Center standards.

Whether you want to spend an amazing holiday in the Grenadines and discover the island and maybe want to give Kitesurfing a try for a day, or if you would rather take the three day course program and learn how to become a Kitesurfer, the Kitesurfing school has a plan for you.

Check out our Kitesurf lesson page to learn about the different options.

Book your stay in the kitebeach hotel with JT Pro Center and find out how to get to Union island by visiting the Getting Here page.


backroll-150x150HOW TO KITESURF?

Find out everything you need to know to become a Kitesurfer with this excellent article written by www.kitesurfgrenadines.com

It has all the informations you need to plan your future kitesurfing lessons.

Click here to read the article

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  1. Hi! I’m Andrea, 30 years old from Italy. Actually i’m living in Fuerteventura and i’m working in René-egli Kitesurf center. I’m iko instructor level 2, and here i’m working with 3 students and 3 kites in the same time, nautic license, first aid license and lot of experience with rescue with jetsky. I’m looking for some job for the winter season, if you are interested i can send you my cv!
    Thank you! Hood wind!

  2. A quantidade de sessões precisas apagar completamente a tatuagem
    depende de uma avaliação da localização, profundidade, cor, e também da resposta do organismo de cada paciente, variando entre 5 a 10 sessões. http://www.jin.ne.jp/akane-sp/akanebbs/yybbs.cgi?list=thread

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