Dec 2, 2010

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Ilha do Guajiru photo shoot

Ilha do Guajiru photo shoot

I am now back in Cumbuco ( North east Brazil) after having spent one week up North in Ilha do Guajiru for a photo shoot.

We had the greatest time there and it was nice to go back to the place where I had made the movie discovering ilha do Guajiru a couple years ago. This DVD has been produced at over 130 000 copies worldwide ( kite and travel magazines, TV, etc …).

There are several new pousadas on the spot and it looks more and more like it’s developing.

During the photo shoot we shot over 7000 pictures… coming soon in most of the kite magazines. I put the camera down for a few days after that, but I am now planing on shooting some videos for my travel series.

Back in Cumbuco, the wind is pretty good and finally the first December swells are showing up. We had a few very nice session in Pecem, a spot a little more downwind from Cumbuco where the wind direction and waves get better.

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