Aug 16, 2010

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Flying to Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Flying to Zanzibar (Tanzania)

I’m slowly becoming a little overwhelmed by the amount of people here in the French Riviera, it’s the summer and the place is packed with tourists everywhere. It’s actually pretty good for going out and partying but not as nice for kiting.

That’s why Linn and I decided to go on a new trip somewhere new. We are now flying to Africa, in Tanzania, on the island of Zanzibar also called Unguja. We will be staying there for a few weeks to shoot parts of the 2011 Ocean Rodeo photo shoot, make some of the promo videos and work on the next episode of my travel series.

There are a couple kiteschool and already a nice kite community over there and it will be nice to meet new people to show us all the potential of this amazing place.

Luckyly , we will be staying in a super nice hotel called: Paje by night : it’s suppose to be on the beach and close by some of the best kitespots and the kiteschool:

So perfect for us lazy kiters 😉

I’ll give you a more complete review of the hotel and the kiteschool once we will be there.

I’m bringing a shit load of equipment, a couple makos, the surf series and my new pro model board for 2011, the JTpro.

I also received a new pair of boots and the new Razor kite.

The boardbags full we now have to hope for a nice stewartess at the counter.

I’ll try to update the website and my twitter account from there but internet doesn’t seem to be the best and most reliable on the island, but stay tune anyway.

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