Jul 22, 2010

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Filming in Norway

Filming in Norway

After the little trip in south France I flew to Norway,

Norway is a beautiful country, a little cold for me but beautiful. I have come here several times before but for once I was really motivated to shoot a nice movie, different than what I’m use to film in the Caribbean.

So all of this started with good intention. I got the nice Ocean Rodeo predator drysuit from the ocean rodeo Norwegian dealer , I was ready for some cool action in the cold water.

We have been filming some lifestyle and a little bit of kite action the first week. The conditions were not amazing but it was at least windy with some wind coming from the south (warmer but gustier) .

Unfortunately last week I dislocated or broke a rib and I now don’t know what to do …. I think i’ll be checking what’s going on with my ribs tomorrow  at the local clinic …

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I was planing on flying to Fuerteventura today to meet up with Tom Court and Susi Mai to do some cool shootings, but unfortunatly it will have to wait a few more days for my ribs to feel better.

I’ll keep you posted on that as well .

I got my new iPhone 4, I’m pretty stoked on what this little thing can do ( photos, HD videos, etc …) and I have no antenna issues …. hehehe . This will allow me to post more updates, photos and videos on facebook and twitter from now on.

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  1. Great !! keep sharing and commenting the news if you guys have any questions !

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