Apr 26, 2011

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Easter on Union island – Photo gallery

Easter on Union island – Photo gallery

We haven’t seen the wind for over 10 days on Union island. A very uncommon low pressure front coming from the south west have been ruining the wind for the whole Caribbean. As I said it many time before, seeing no wind on the forecast page doesn’t mean getting bored on Union island. In fact, no wind means going deep sea fishing, spear fishing and surfing !

So together with Nicolas ( good friend on the island), we have been looking for new waves around the neighbored islands. Nicolas owns a plane and we had previously marked a few of them on the GPS flying over the reefs so it was very easy for us to find them with the boat.

The sweel wasn’t very big but we had a few good days surfing some new waves with my short board, long board and SUP boards.

During the last week end we flew the island of Mustique a few kilometers away from Union. The place is amazing, everything is clean and the villas are some of the most beautiful in the world. Mustique became a World famous and exclusive location for  millionaires all around the world. We were lucky enough to stay at Jean Claude ‘s place, an amazing French artist. We had an amazing time hanging out with Susie who had invited us to stay there.

The newt day, the Ocean became extremely flat, and back on Union island we couldn’t wait to go out on Jean Marc’s new boat to go deep sea fishing. Jean Marc owns the Bougainvilla hotel on Union and is learning kitesurfing with us !

Right now Easter just ended and has for the rest of the Caribbean and south America, Easter doesn’t only mean eating chocolate eggs (even though we had plenty of them already). Easter marks the beginning of Easterval on Union island where the music doesn’t stop playing for 4 days.

The Saturday was the start of the Union regata where you can find more infos and pictures here:  http://www.kitesurfgrenadines.com/archives/697

The Sunday night was the beginning of one the craziest and longest party I attended to. We started around 10pm going for a live reggae and soca music concert followed by the famous and underrated Jouvert !

Jouvert starts right after the big concert which ended at 5:30 am this Monday … A big truck loaded with kilowatts of sound system drive very slowly around the island with everybody following and fighting with red paint. The music is great and everybody is jumpin up and down following the truck before ending it’s journey on the beach and where everyone jumps in the water to clean up from the red paint mess !

I’m kind of proud to have lasted all night and most of the morning jumping up and down on my bad knee !

The wind is just back and we are now back on the water shooting some kiteboarding action which should fill up the next news item on the blog !

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