Apr 21, 2010

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Back to the most beautiful place on earth, The Grenadines

Back to the most beautiful place on earth, The Grenadines

After the St Lucia kite fiesta, we made it down to Union Island, my favorite Caribbean island down in the Grenadines, an amazing archipelago dependent of St Vincent in the south Caribbean.

We took a small plane to St Vincent and then had to wait for the Ferry the next morning which would bring us to the Grenadines. Unfortunately our timing wasn’t right as we arrived the day Easter started. The ferry ride lasted 12 hours hours because of all the supplies they had to unload for each places we were stopping by… A plane lift would have taken us 20 min …. but we weren’t sure about the space in those tiny planes for our big boardbags.

Eventually we  made it to the most beautiful place I have had the chance to travel to, the Grenadines. These islands are beautiful, the water is Crystal transparent, and the people here are super cool and relaxed. I also met up with my good friend Lee which I had met on the island 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, the first 2 weeks have been super bad in the whole Caribbean regarding the wind… we had a few days we no wind at all, but one of the good thing about being in Union is that there is always something to do.If the swell is good you can go surf and if there is no waves and no wind, the best thing I know is to go fishing. So with Lee and a couple of friends on the island we had spent our days going fishing all sort of big fishes ( barracuda, spanish makrel, etc , etc ….)  ad then grill them on the beach… that’s the Caribbean lifestyle I love.

Finally, the trade wind have come back and we can go kite those insane spots again and start shooting more photos for the kite magazines and videos for the travel video series .

Speaking about that, I’ll let you know very soon when the new episode of the series is coming… it will be Brazil and will feature other riders like Tom Court and Susi Mai which I this year during our Brazilian trip.

I won’t describe the Grenadines anymore, I’ll let you enjoy some of the pics we took today on the big sail boat Scaramouche ( http://scaramouchegrenadines.com/)  where we spent some time on this afternoon.

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