Nov 8, 2010

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Back to Brazil

Back to Brazil

I have been in Brazil for the last three weeks now and once again the website didn’t update itself, but if you have followed a few posts on twitter you have seen that we were pretty busy shooting the past two weeks (once again I’m trying to justify my laziness).

I always like to come back to Cumbuco (NE Brazil), the wind is consistent, people are really nice, and we get to stay in some really nice apartments right on the beach for a couple months. Its finally a way for me to relax and focus more on kiting and relaxing than flying between places.

Two weeks ago Manu Morel ( French photographer) and Hugo Badaroux (French Kitesurf Magazine editor) came down here to shoot photos, videos and work on a Brazil feature with us. So the relaxing days being over, we put ourself in “shooting mode” once again, going shooting at the Cauipe Lagoon every morning with Youri zoon and some other riders tagging along.

We then headed North to Jericoacoara where we were invited by the club Ventos and Fun & Fly. Icarai da amontada between Jeri and Cumbuco, was our second stop.

It was a very fun trip and I’m now back in Cumbuco where I get some time to edit the next travel video series.

I have just finished a 15min movie coming out as a DVD in France in the next kitesurf magazine. It is about our last trip in Cape verde with Mallory and Mitu. The movie will be available online afterward as a Travel video series.

There are several riders down here this year and the level on the lagoon keep getting better. I will try and team up with Nick jacobsen and other riders to shoot some really cool movies.

Keep following the twitter account to be posted on the next news.

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  2. Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

  3. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

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