May 9, 2011

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Awesome trip in Puerto Rico – photo gallery

Awesome trip in Puerto Rico – photo gallery

I have been traveling around the Caribbean since I’m a kid and I have visited some faboulous islands during these years but I never had the chance to visit Puerto Rico.

So when Juan Carlos and Chamo decided to invite me to the Puerto Rico kiteboarding tour I didn’t hesitate and here we were on a flight to a new destination.

The tour was organized by 15 Knots Kiteboarding School, check out their website for more info about Puerto Rico:

We spent the first two days close to San Juan in Levittown where the event was happening in front of the hotel comfort inn where we were staying. The competition lasted the week end where all the local riders competed against each other in two categories, amateurs and pros. The local pros had an amazing level on the water.

Together with Shanon Best, Linn Svendsen , Melissa Gill, Krys Kinn and jon mcabe we did some demos and relaxed on the beach.

The rest of our trip was amazing Juan Carlos drove around the island with John as cameraman and Erin dealing with the photos to discover all the amazing spots Puerto Rico has to offer, from flat water to waves, light to strong wind, PR has it all !

We kite, surfed danced salsa (tried to) and spent the ten days enjoying Puerto Rico.

One of the funniest moment was to arrive on Palominito island and meet up with the Reef girls doing a shoot…

We also teamed up with the Puerto Rican Ocean Rodeo crew which is so far one of the most motivated I have had the chance to meet !

We have spent our time shooting for Ride Along and for the magazines so stay tuned for the upcoming magazines for the travel story.

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