Nov 16, 2010

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Around the world photo series

Around the world photo series

Hey guys,
First of all thanks to all of you for watching the episode 5 of the Travel series: Zanzibar. The video got over 15 000 views in less than three days and it keep on getting better.
So thanks for all of you who shared it with your friends !
If you haven’t seen it yet, have a loot at it here:

I am now leaving for Ilha Do Guajiru in Brazil located between Cumbuco and Jericoacoara. I’m heading there for a week photoshoot.

For now I decided to post or re post some nice pictures from my previous trip around the world. I ‘ll try to publish one shot a day on my Facebook page: and on my twitter account: ¬† . I invite you to follow both the pages to stay tuned on what ¬†will be posted the upcoming days.

For now find here the three first pictures of the series.

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