Apr 23, 2010

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A big bug crawled deep down my ear …

A big bug crawled deep down my ear …

Yes, you read well, I just had a f*** bug crawling deep down my ear.

Here is how it happened…

Yesterday night, around 2 am, I grabbed my headphones ( the nice Bose with the noise reduction switch which are super great by the way ) put them on my head and felt something on the opening of my ear. I took them off thinking it was one of my hair and put them back on again. The 2nd time I felt it a little more so I removed them and reached to my ear to feel if something was there. Unfortunately a bug was on it ready to run  in. I jumped up shaking my head to get it away from but it was to late, it ran inside my ear right away.

Wow … that’s when I started to freak out … jumping around to get it away !! But it was already deep down inside and there was nothing I could do. I decided to check online to see if I could actually do something about it because when this happens to you you really don’t know where it can go and how much damage it will do.

So we looked online and saw that shinning a light on the opening of the ear could have them come out on there own… but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

The bug was moving inside my “head” and this feeling was super uncomfortable and quiet painful !!! I was becoming crazy not to know what to do.

We  tried to look inside with her light but couldn’t even see it …. bad news , it means it really went deep.

After all the unsuccessful attempt to have it removed we read that going to the ER was our last bet.

But when you are on a small Caribbean island far from any real hospital and that the local health  center has been renamed by the people the “hell” center because you never sure to come out of it alive, we weren’t so kine to rush to it.

But extremes situations, extremes measures …. and we walked down the small town of Clifton and went to the clinic where the nurse, half asleep, opened the door and listened to my crazy story.

She sat me down and reached for the Otoscope ( the tool doctors use to look deep down your ear) but couldn’t even see the big guy in there …. that’s when I started to freak out a little more.. if she can’t see it that’s why it hurts so much and it’s so far inside.

She injected me some saline solution to try to have it come off, but unfortunately it started to move around in there hurting me  a lot and giving the sensation that something was eating down my head ….

She gave a call to the doctor and came back with some alcohol which she purred in laughing nervously seeing me panicking and in pain ( it is true that the situation was quiet funny, but between the laugh I was suffering for real hehe)

I tried to lay still while the alcohol was making it’s way down my ear canal, when the little f**er started to move even more scratching around and finally made it’s way out certainly half drunk !

That’s when the laughing nurse screamed when they saw this nice little bug coming of my ear …. exactly like you would have seen it in any horror or alien movies.

What a relief.

We then walked home where I felt asleep a little more relaxed but still concerned if the little friend might have left any eggs or anything that could make this story more interesting within the next few days .

I will for sure keep you updated if anything crazy and funny happens.

Today my ear feels a little soar and plugged, but certainly from the scratching and moving of it inside the canal.

I added a picture of the intruder to this post .

Cheers and keep your ears safe 😉

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  1. Dude… that’s crazy… I had the same thing happen to me in St Lucia except it was a mosquito, I was worried it would bite or sting me inside my head! I just had to wait patiently with the lights on for the bugger to come out, which was about an hour later!

  2. charlito says:

    Hey Jere i have seen this a lot of times in the caribbean, good thing it came out, the pain can drive you nuts and last for days. warm water sprayed with in you ear work as well.

    take care

  3. oh men. there is something moving in my ear.right now

  4. Did you kill the little shit?

  5. hell yeah drowned it in Rum

  6. you can also use cigarettes smoke!

  7. ye’ mama blow a smoke of cigarette in my ears then suffocate the bug. it didn’t came out but im sure the bug didnt survived.(i think its an ant)

  8. wow scary.
    u should go to doctor to have it removed once it’s deae.
    Mine was hurting like hell

  9. Tatyana says:

    Dude, 2 days ago a junebug crawled itself down Deep inside my ear. I felt a tickle and when I put my hand up to my ear I could feel it’s butt disappear inside. I freaked out. Throwing a glass cup in the middle of my little brother’s birthday party and seeing it shatter in front of my mom gave me no mind- I jumped up and fell on the ground immediately. I sort of writhed in excruciating pain and panic, screaming and crying freely. I could feel its prickly legs cutting me and could hear the deafening roar of its wings.

    … Finally! I could feel it craw out minutes later (of being in and out of mind) and yelled “it’s coming out!” to anyone that was next to me. I knew there were people around but I couldn’t make out who they were? Anyway, after it popped(!) out of my face, I hear my little brother yell (like an indian’s attack cry) and see him stomp this poor junebug to death. I was still disoriented and struggled inside to cry some more.

    Anyway, it has been 2 days since then and it still hurts like a bitch. It hurts to turn my head or even touch my ear. The glands behind my ear are swollen. I was wondering how your ear feels now, and, if you were hurt after as well, how long it took to heal. I believe my bug is a little larger than yours. And I am worried. Did it take a dump in my ear? Did it hatch some demonic egg? Ugh! I am staying pretty cool about the whole thing but I can’t help but be panicky. The ear is a very personal thing, no?

  10. oh, junebug? its kinda big! how is it now?
    i think it won’t lay an eggs inside your ears.
    as i know, junebug laying eggs on earthen balls in the ground. no?

  11. Matthew McDaniels says:

    i had that happen to me, but it was a snap beatle. so if you have ever caught one and shook it up, thats what it was doing in my ear! it finaly crawled out after an hour in the ER. but it has been 2 or t3 weeks now and my ear is starting to swell inside so im worried there might be baby bugs in it. does anyone know if they lay eggs in dead animals, or live ones for that matter?

  12. Hello,

    My name is Michael and I am in that same situation right now as of September 22, 2010 6:52p. Last week I was sleeping and all of a sudden this little animal went inside my left ear and as soon as I felt it I tried to get it out but it was too late. Now I been having a headache and I feel something that moves inside my head. I went to the doctor and he checked my ears with this instrument they use to check your ears. But he said he didn’t see anything. But tomorrow I am going to get an X-Ray in my head.

    I am really worried…Does anyone know what I can do? Please help me out. I am scared that I might die for that. I feel worried because my head hurts and I feel something walking slowly inside my head.

    Please text/call me (202) 487-1692 Michael

    Thank you!

  13. Hey, something might have happened but if the doctor didn’t see anything you should be fine man .

    It can become psychological, especially after having experienced this. good luck

  14. This happen to me last night ! Talk about looking like a crazy woman mine was a flea from my puppy. Today my ear hurts a little just feels like something is on it. I put peroxide in my ear and it came out. I hope this never happens to me agin its the most earie feeling.

  15. I have had a small spider or an ant in my ear upon waking in the morning.i poured peroxide in my ear. Let it bubble for about ten or twenty seconds and then turned my head over and let it drip out. Then i gently cleaned my ear with a Q tip to make sure it was out. This worked for me each of the three times something was in my ear.

  16. Suheart says:

    Same thing happened to me last night! Around 3am I was just settling into a peaceful sleep when i jolted up from bed and smacked my ear I felt the little f**k in my ear crawling/flapping it’s wings. The sensation was similar to when younger water inside your ear n it’s trying to come out, except it was far mor painful and far more disconcerting. I decided I wanted to go to the ER immediately as I was panicking from the intruder. When I arrived they sensed my urgency and took me right away. The Dr. Looked in my ear and there it was! ALIVE!! He sprayed some saline solution in my ear with a syringe it took about 3 times before it came out of my ear. I made the dr check thoroughly for any of it’s remains luckily he said he didn’t see anything. Today I still have pain and soreness I’m going to see my PCP tomorrow just so she can have a look. This was by far the scariest, creepiest thing that’s ever happened to me. I slept with cotton balls in my ear and will continue to do so. Be well everyone

  17. I had this just this morning! It was 5 minutes before I was to be awaken by the alarm clock when I felt the hurried patter of an insect crawling seemingly quick deep into my ear pass (I think) my ear drum. Unlike what most have described, I couldn’t feel anything, nor hear any difference even though I could swear the bug did indeed crawl into my ear.

    To be clear, I believe I was awake then and that it couldn’t have been a lucid dream as it felt too real, and I didn’t wake up feeling knocked off like I normally would. This’s disturbing me, till I feel any difference, I think I shall not visit the doctor. Has anyone experienced anything like mine?

  18. I have something in my ear right now and decided to google what to do… Now I’m laying here relaxing reading everybody’s stories while this thing it in my ear. I found all these stories interesting. I think its a mosquito, its not sore or itchy just uncomfortable and noisy hope it comes out soon.

  19. daniella says:

    Tell me about it i was about to go to sleep right now wen i fwlt a huge like block on my ear so i just sucked i nair with my nose n the lil f***ker got sucked in to n it started buzzing so i picked at my ear with my finger n im guessing it died oe something i dont hear it anymore but i feel like theres something coming out of my ear im scared as shit

  20. Same I drifted to sleep on my bedroom floor watching a movie, (BIG MISTAKE) I awoke to something crawling inside my ear, right away I jolted around and it stopped moving. Its been 3 days and nothing has come out, is it still in there?

  21. Well I went to extremes!!!!! I dislike any kind of bug. At exactly 4:05 a.m. I was awake by movement in/near my ear Hole. I jumped up and stuck my finger as deep as it would go. The little critter moved deeper in! Well, this lead me straight to the E.R. Hahaha!!!!!!

    Here I am now waiting for the doctor to pull the little critter out. I’m know, I know the ER???? But I hate buuuuuuugs!!!!!! The thought of one laying eggs in my brain really freaks me out!!!!! I hope he tells me it’s just ear wax rolling out of my ear, it’s happened before! Wish me luck!!!!

  22. right now i have the feeling of something crawling around my hear hurts like hell and all i hear is patter patter and feel painful stings and im only ten my ear is red and swollen can someone tell me what to do my parents say its in my head (imagining it) but hurts like hell email me at Splasher1357@gmail.com please!

  23. Why last night… I was sleepy kind of hard but suddenly I felt this like draining sound in my hear … My boyfriend says its nothing but it was annoying. I haven’t heard it again and no pain. My other ear feel irritated now. Maybe is something else… If I feel it again I’m going to the Doctor … :-((

  24. Kenneth Michael Jenkins says:

    Hey Everyone That Posted. I have A different story .I went to clean my ears two or four days or so ago,and I was cleaning and O.M.G I pulled out the q-swab and to my surprise.I seen an oval round black jelly bean shape crust or thick carbon eggshell solid completely thick that totally freaked me out. I have no clue to what that was in my ear but it was very old. It appeared to me to be some kind of fossil bug’s Egg. And It Has led me to remain questioned days after.If it was an Egg either it died unhatched maybe decades later after countless physicals medical exams and remained unnoticed until a few days ago. Freaks me out and makes me want a head X-ray. Please help. Thank You.

  25. I had something in my ear for about a yr and it has never been the same, everynow and then a ticking sound, insect like, I hear…the several doctors I went to for opinions see nothing! I thinks its an earwig cause they are the only thing that hides and can squeeze into anythibg, I dont care what they say its something and it moves at night time, I give up!,,,, fontaine4747@hotmail.com

  26. I actually had the same problem last night and ja it was a freaky moment as I was like dancing to the tune of the bug it was running fast into my ear digging deep and deep I tried to remove it using ear bud but it was too deep , I went to the local hospital they pumped water inside my ears but it didn’t work so this morning I went to see the GP But he told me There’s nothing inside my ears so I can still feel something but then. I must wait I must relax I am a host to this dead parasite or I am a grave for it to rest ,,,,

  27. Furqan Alam says:

    Hey,I’ve read all of the stories.May God keep us safe from any such incident.

  28. I was listening to full blast music on my earphones and suddenly I can feel this huge movement in my ear and it tickled kinda and I immediately grabbed my earphones off. I turned on the light and I put my finger in there to inspect what this scary thing was. I could feel with the tip of my pinky a round shape….perhaps a bugs butt. I don’t know I freaked out and I was afraid of pushing it farther. After going to the restroom and turning on the light and staring at myself with panic and then turning off the light. I ventured in with my finger again. The round shape was gone. It must’ve went back up my ear again. It is probably a bug but it might have been there since 2 years ago…..since I remember feeling a crawling sensation in my ear after I slept with my cat on the bed. After that I had lots of ear symptoms like lots of watery ear wax, and I easily got ear infections. Between the 2 years I have had doctors look into my ear during regular checkups but they didn’t say there was anything there. So I thought nothing was there. But now that movement is there again. I think it’s a bug… Maybe with offspring…of generations…. I’m creeping out as I write this post. I told my mum this morning and we are going to the doctors this afternoon. I hope I find out the source of my ear ailments. Even thought this is such a creepy, and frightening topic…I hope the best of luck to everyone and to protect all your human holes. Wish me luck too, as I am to afraid to stick hydrogen peroxide down my ear, I will go to the doctors. I hope the doctor does not freak out.

  29. Wow this just happened to me right now I was just sleeping and an ant went in my ear and the light trick worked thank you finally I feel safer a little

  30. jameisha miller says:

    I. Hurts very bad

  31. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this!
    Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made
    my day! Thank you again!

  32. I woke up 4am with the sensation that something was inside my ear, I felt no pain but something was moving inside, it was very scary and I found this in Google, just when I was writing this a cockroach came out of my ear… Worst thing ever…

  33. I decided to listen to music and felt and heard something in my ear. I took my headphones out and waited because it stopped but after a minute out started again. So i put my finger in my ear but didn’t feel anything. So beginning to worry i went to the bathroom and tried to look in my own ear. After awhile i thought well sometimes bugs go to the bottom of things so i tilted my head to the side it was in and sure enough i seen it come out and used a q tip. I got it on there and seen it was a very tiny bug that looked fuzzy. It was very creepy. I feel so relieved having got it out.

  34. Freaky

  35. I thought I had water on my ear from the shower so l got a couple of kewttips and went in to absorb the water. When I pulled it out it was black with a grainy look to it so I used the second tip and got more of the same. Showed it to my wife who said get some peroxide and warm water with the ear syringe and flush it out. When I flushed it all this junk came out along with a tiny moth, I was like holy crap things that live in you. I continued to flush and clean with warm water and peroxide until my ear was completely clean, wow could not believe what had been in my ear.

  36. severin says:

    i’ve got something in my ear last night. as i couldn’t feel it but hear that something is running around i first thought it’s a nerv that is moving. Today i could still hear it (only every now and then). thanks to this posts here i tried to pure in water from a bottle into my ear. i tried three times to pure in and shake it out. then i cleaned my ear gently with a cotton but. what was there? yes, a little tiny ant like there are many around our place!

  37. severin says:

    i’ve got something in my ear last night. as i couldn’t feel it but hear that something is running around i first thought it’s a nerv that is moving. Today i could still hear it (only every now and then). thanks to this posts here i tried to pure in water from a bottle into my ear. i tried three times to pure in and shake it out. then i cleaned my ear gently with a cotton but. what was there? yes, a little tiny ant like there are many around our place!

  38. I have a bug in my ear as we speak I know how u feel actually maybe worse it fucking hurts like hell

  39. Ive tried to put oil and flush my ear with water but it didnt work. Now it feels as though my hearing is underwater huhu

  40. Aggh… I am having this feeling that somethings inside my ear… but I don’t feel its movements is it even possible? But may be when it moves then the pain starts near my ear drums… but the doctor said that it was only a joint problem so he gave me some medicine… but medicines don’t seem to be having any effects… day by day its hurting even more…. (note) it hurts suddenly and then just the pain dissapears…. 🙁 I am really worried about it… can any one give me any suggetions?

  41. So i was just sitting on my bed and my ear started to itch. I put my pinky in there and pulled it out. There was a huge glob if earwax. (Yuck). But in the ear wax was a small bug. (I think an ant). But I don’t know how long its been in there and what to do about cleaning my ear safely. Please help!

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  43. Rashard Coe says:

    Well i didnt have one crawling in my ear but i had a roach crawling on my lip, a German Cockroach opon awaking. I grabbed it and threw it across the room!!! Lol it felt so nasty!!! (Luckily, my mouth was closed during that session)

  44. HELP! I was laying in bed and I literally jolted! I felt something! And then my ear tickeled like crazy! I took a couple dry Q-tips and a couple of wet ones and tried to get out whatever was in there or tried to itch it. I tickeled so bad! It’s weird because I don’t feel anything moving, I don’t hear anything, no buzz, no flying, no pain. I feel nothing in there. But it tickeled for a couple minutes. I stared to panick hoping to god it wasn’t a bug. I’m so scared because I don’t know it it was a reaction or my mind, or really something went in there. I was gonna put peroxide in there but I was too scared to do it cause j honestly didn’t want to see a bug come out. But my mom was scaring me cause she said she saw something blackish in there, or dark. But she flippen scared me and now I can’t sleep

  45. kyle templeton says:

    So I keep hearing something crawling in my head and its annoying as fuck and I dont know what to do like its in my ead not in my ear in my head pls help

  46. Ernest king says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been having this werid feeling in my right ear as if something seems to be moving. Usually when I feel it it’s at Night around 10 pm and it keeps me up all, I also feel it moving during the day but it’s very little. I already went to see a doctor and they looked into my ear and they said that they didn’t see anything so she gave me some medicine because they said I had an ear infection. Also she[doctor] said that she had seen this black dot in my ear but that it was normal but it could’ve had been the bug or something. I’m thinking about putting peroxide in my ear but I don’t know if it’ll hurt my ear or the hell with it and I’ll spray raid. Kidding not going that far lol
    I just need help if anyone has any solutions???

  47. Just as i was peacefully asleep, heard something flying inside my ear jumped out of bed woke my mom we poured my son’s urine in there now cant feel it flying but its so uncomfortable can feel something is in there what can i do this happened 2hours ago

  48. I had a moth fly into my ear tryed the olive oil water rinse nothing apart from a doctor would get it out it was horrible hearing it run around yucky

  49. Gloria says:

    I had samething right now in my ear I panic and pour oil in my ear I don’t feel the movement now but it didn’t came out

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