Feb 3, 2010

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Leaving Brazil for Cape Verde

Leaving Brazil for Cape Verde
Finally, I made it, I  am leaving soon, in 2 days I’m flying back to France where I will be spending 2 days only, just enough time to unpack all the new photo gear I have been receiving, and all my new Alpinestars 2010 collection clothes. Then I ‘ll head to Cape Verde and SAL island, famous for it’s amazing right break PONTA PRETA .
I will be there for approximately 10 days with Mallory De La Villemarqué Caribbean fellow pro kiters exiled in Europe for his studies. Manu Morel, one of the first kite photographer and amazing at what he does will also be part of this trip with us, we will be shooting videos for Internet and photos for kite mags and the next tricks issue of kitesurf magazine.
Cape Verde is home of Mitu Monteron, the very good local strapless rider we have seen  a bit everywhere lately, we should meet up with him over there and share his spots.
We wanna show as much things as possible during those 10 days, Punta Preta will be one of our priority if the swell is good, but freestyle and discovering  is also what we aim to do.Fortunately, Fun and Fly, kite travel agency found us a good deal with one of the best hotel on the island, the hotel Morabeza.
So if you are planing on going there, you should have a look at their webpage because they seem to be pretty well located :
One of the funny thing is that in Cape Verdepeople speak also Creole, like in the Caribbean… I grew up in Martinique, so I do speak it. The Creole language is present a bit everywhere , very similar but with some differences depending on the official language of the country you are from. So hearing people speaking the Creole Portuguese will be something completely new for me, even though my Portuguese has become better now . So I ‘ll try to remember a few bad words and funny stuff to say in Portuguese  Creole and will share it on the site hehehe!
After Cape Verde, I still don’t know where I will be going, but for sure it will be somewhere warm, so stay tuned!

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  1. Carol, I love your blog. The pictures of the Outer Banks lonaskmaziog. Wish I were there right about now. Love all your pictures and of course you baby!.

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