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2011 Ocean Rodeo Razor kite review

2011 Ocean Rodeo Razor kite review

Finally, I decided to spend a few minutes behind the laptop and write down a small review about the new Ocean Rodeo Razor kite.

As most of you already know, I’m a 100% C-kite rider, I have been using C-kites for over 10 years now and I am used to how these kites perform, how they fly and their performance for freestyle.

The Diablo C kite from OR is what I have been using for the past years, I love how the kite perform unhooked offering an amazing slack in the line making it very easy to pass the bar. I have tried most of the “C” on the market and I can say that, in my opinion, the diablo has the best “slack”. Other C kites from other brand perform maybe better in any other situation, but the slack and speed the diablos offer was why I stuck with those kites.

I have to be honest, I was super sceptic before receiving my first Razor sample, there was no way I would ride something else than my nice Diablo C-kite I was used to, but being a little open minded 😉 , I decided to give it a try.

And I have to admit that I have been very surprised by the performances of this kite for freestyle.

The kite used was the 8m 2011 Razor. I used the 2010 Ocean Rodeo 4 line bar with the trim strap and 21m lines.

Graphic design:

The graphics are simple and clean, some of you might not like it, but many others love it, it’s never easy for a brand to satisfy everybody. On the first factory shots, I wasn’t to sure about the colors, but after receiving mine and shooting with it, I’m really stoked on how the kite looks in the air, it’s beautiful.


The shape of the kite is very similar to a C kite, the tip aren’t very squared but it doesn’t really matter.
There is a bridle system making this kite an SLE, but I would maybe go further than saying it’s a hybrid, it’s between a “hybrid and a true C”. 😉
From the rider point of view, the kite looks 100% like a C when flying. From the outside it looks like a mix of C-kite and hybrid ( see the various photos).


Ocean Rodeo is famous for it’s bomb proof construction, and a couple days ago I had the opportunity to try it out. I crashed my kite on top of a really high tree (for test purposes 😉 ). Thinking I wouldn’t be able to climb up there to get it back, I tried to relaunch it pulling the lines very strong, the kite ended up stuck and we all tried to pull the kite and have it slide between the branches. It didn’t work and everyone thought the kite would be all ripped and done. Fortunately a local guy could climb all the way to the top and recover it. The kite had nothing, not even a scratch, no one could believe it. I guess luck together with the bomb proof OR construction saved the kite.
Bar pressure:
I first launched the kite and noticed that there was a nice bar pressure ( I’m speaking about the bar pressure when hooked in and steering the kite). The Rise kite from Ocean Rodeo has almost no bar pressure. Some people love this, I personally prefer feeling my kite in my hands. The new Razor has enough bar pressure to feel the kite, but in the same time not to much.
The kite is extremely stable, this was a small bad point on the diablos last year, but this one is incredibly stable, you can be sheeted out walk toward the kite and it ‘ll never hindenburg.
The venturi makes it very stable in the over sheeting situation as well. The good thing is that you can fly your kite with the back line at their maximum without any problem, which extend the low end range of the kite.
The kite flies and turns very fast, I was on an 8m and already used to my 8m diablos which are also super fast, so I didn’t have any issues getting use to it. Anyway, the OR bar come in 48-42 cm. Set i to 42 and the kite will be more gentle.
The power of the kite is what surprised me the most. I could ride upwind on my 8min in 12 knots. Do all sort of tricks in 12 – 15 knots. It was incredible,  I had almost the same low end as my 12m C kite with this 8m Razor. I haven’t had the chance to try it in very strong wind yet but the depower seems to be very good as well.
The power of the kite is very constant and smooth, I was using a normal 4 line bar with the trim strap.
The Relaunching is awesome, the kite relaunch like any “bow”/ “SLE” kite by pulling one back line.
The lift of the kite is very nice, you go high, the timing to jump is the same as a C kite so very nice and with constant power. You go high stay long in the air.
Hooked kiteloops are incredibly impressive on this kite, The wind was between 12 and 15 knots, I thought I was try a little loop hooked in to see how the kite would react in the window. It doesn’t turn like an SLE but more like a C with a constant pull. But what was the most incredible is that I felt myself going super high looping the kite; I was expecting not going higher than 2 meters on this small size kite and the conditions but went over 5 meters. I can’t wait to loop it in really strong wind.
Unhooked kiteloops are also very good, this is one of the small thing I had trouble with my diablos, I couldn’t go very high when looping the kite unhooked, but the razor lift and pull make it very different, the kite turns very fast and nicely in the window.
Unhooked tricks/ handle passes
That’s what I was afraid of, most SLE kites keep pulling after popping, making it more difficult to pass the bar in all sort of handle passes. The “slack” in the line is what is missing usually. So I started to do a couple tricks with the kite and it felt surprisingly easy, the slack is very different than on the diablo but it’s there, you have a more constant power in the lines but it doesn’t pull while in the air and you can pass the bar super easy. I landed very nice tricks and the razor is definitely fitted for unhooked freestyle and tricks.
In conclusion I think this is one of the first kites I had the chance to fly which is very suitable for any riders, it flies and relaunch very easy and performs more than well for freestyle.
I made this small comparison chart to summarize everything I just said, click on the image to enlarge it !:

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  1. hi Jeremy:

    I Would like to know, if you can tell me your impresions about windrange of the Razor, what do you think will be the windrange of a 7 mts Razor (if 7mts is posible to buy) and a 8 mts Razor , for people in 133×40 twintip, and 80kg weight. For freestyle use and old school trics

    I´m so interested in know the low range and the top.

    I would like to buy something start in 19-20knots, and finish at 37-40 knots.

    I have a Diablo 2009 12mts and a rise 2009 8mts, and would like to change the rise for a Razor.
    The 6 mts razor seems like very little size what I use to use 🙂

    Hope you answer me.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Just placed an order for the 8m Razor!


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