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2011 Ocean Rodeo JT pro model board and the Mako line up in Zanzibar

2011 Ocean Rodeo JT pro model board and the Mako line up in Zanzibar

After seeing the success of the Razor review I posted a couple days ago on my site, I decided to write an other one regarding my new pro model board, the JT pro. I’ll also give you some inputs on the new Mako line up.

This year, the freestyle board from Ocean Rodeo is my pro model and comes in 2 sizes, the 132×40 targeting freestyle riders and the 138×42 which is more suited to wakestyle riding and or heavier riders.

Both the boards are very different than the Zen board from last year. The flex is much better and the weight has been reduced.

(Shot on the new RAZOR kite 8m and JT pro board)


the board benefits from a really nice high quality wood core, making it very resistant. I tried to push the board a lot more than usual these last few days, I haven’t broken and I don’t think I will. Time will let us know more on how resistant this board is, but there is no doubt for me that it is a strong one.

The material and shape makes it flexible and this board is just awesome to do any tricks with it, together with the new razor, it generates an amazing pop.

The weight was my main concern for the board, and I’m really pleased with the result. The board is pretty light, much lighter than last year’s Ocean Rodeo Zen.

I have been using the 138×42 with my bindings, the boards has a great pop and the stance is very good, we actually made it wider on the production boards. Some people were asking me if the 132×40 would be to big for them, the right answer is NO ! don’t be afraid to go big with these boards, I’m 65kg, and I tried the 138×42 with strap and loved the board. For sure it might be a little wide in very strong wind with foot strap but it worked very well.

*The 132×40 was designed for freestyle but will work super well in Freeride as well, the flex makes it super easy in the choppy conditions and the shape prevents the water from catching the edges and spraying your face all the time, very appreciated. While making the 132, we thought that this board can be a very good combination for riders looking to use their boots on it once in a while and it will ride great.

*The 138×42 is designed for heavier riders or lighter riders looking to push their wakestyle level and riding boots most of the time ! It will also works well with straps if you wanna use them in more choppy conditions or gusty megaloop strong wind where the boots won’t make it as enjoyable.

I’m really happy with both the boards this year and stoked Ocean Rodeo could come up with such good gear and put my name it ! If you can give it a try or still thinking about buying one, one word, go for it, you won’t regret it !

The MAKO boards

Those boads are just amazing, I’m not riding them all the time because I primary use the freestyle boards and surf, and can’t travel with too many boards, but each time I get a few of these makos for the anual photoshoot, I really enjoy using them.

It is the ultimate freeride boards, try one, don’t let the original design of these boards prevent you from trying them, really you would miss out. The upwind performances of all these boards is amazing, it actually feels like riding on butter.

The board performs well in waves as well, and come in different sizes which are available in twin tip or mutan mode.

*The Mako king is the bigger size and can be ridden mutant, twin tip or strap less. It is a pretty big board which can become your new wave freeride board. It is not the light wind weapon, a normal big sized surfboard will be better, but seriously, this is the kind of board you must try to actually make your own opinion about it.

*The other makos, 140×40, 150×40 and 130×35,are mainly used in twintip mode, snowboarders will find here some similar sensations, riding in butter is really what characterizes these boards.

All sizes are similar to last years Makos. The main changes is the wood core making the boards very resistant, and the new inserts allow the smallest makos to be set up in mutant mode.

If you want a board to cruise around with quality riding, sometimes do some jumps, small tricks this is the one made for you ! If you are jumping at the end of each tak, go for the JT pro.

The surf series

The shape of the board is very nice, outlined like a normal surboard, the construction seems bombproof. It’s a 5’11 long and 19″ wide . I haevn’t got the chance to ride it in real waves o won’t be commenting on this one yet.

What I can say is that this board has nothing to do with the previous OR surfboards.

I hope this helped you, check out the pictures, share this review and comment on the post if you have any questions !

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  1. Surfboard It’s a 5’11 and wide ?

  2. the surfboard is 19″ wide

  3. Hi Jéré! How about my favorite, the Mako 140 – has the rocker been reduced? That’s about the only thing I could wish for on the 140, just a tad more speed (it was already one of the fastest boards)

  4. Is the flex on the 2011 Zen significantly better allowing for an easier ride on the knees in choppy water than the 2008/2009 Zens?
    I’m stuck between this new smaller Zen and the 130 Mako and may try the Mako this time round for this attribute so long as it can allow me some basic rotation tricks as well as some big air? Does the small Mako allow you to do a lot of your freestyle stuff Jeremie?

  5. El Rudo, Yes, it is a slightly flatter board. By about 1cm on the 140, little less on the 130 and a little more on 165..not much more..

  6. Hey Andy,
    The new JT pro is a new board, not the same as the 2010 Zen.
    The flex is way better, riding is very smooth and it’s also much lighter than previous OR freestyle OR boards.

    The Mako is more for freeride but you will also be able to do tricks. I could most of my tricks on a mako even though the board isn’t made for that.

    If you get the chance try a mako .

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