Mar 28, 2010

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1st place at the kite fiesta in St Lucia

1st place at the kite fiesta in St Lucia

Back in martinique, we decided to go down to the Grenadines, one of my favorite place in the Caribbean. On our way we stopped by the island of St Lucia. In fact the reef kite school down in vieux fort has organized one of the coolest kite event happening in the Caribbean: the kite fiesta.

So I  took a quick plane to the island. Unfortunately when we arrived in the airport, we realized right away that our 10min flight would be delayed for several hours !!!! The people taking care of bringing the luggage happened to go on strike, unannonced , they just decided to stop working at  Rush hour for the airport. Lots of people got stuck in the plane landing, and we couldn’t take of.

Fortunately we finally made it to St Lucia, took a long cab down to Vieux fort at the reef kite school and were ready to hit the spot.

The competition lasted 2 days. We didn’t get much wind but could run a small contest.

Damien Leroy cane down from the states with his girlfriend Melissa Gill . It was very nice to hang out with them and we hopefully gonna meet up soon somewhere to shoot nice images together.

I was in the pro guy contest just for fun and took the 1st place on my 12m Diablo.

All the  riders were doing very good, the wind was very light and nobody was at it’s full potential. Damien came down to help organize the event and also judge.

Ben and Mika was also part of the event. Ben who lives between UK and St Lucia progressed a lot since I saw him last a couple years ago.

A big thanks to the reef kiteschool for organizing such a cool event, and if you wanna come down here and ride you really should check out this website:

I am now sitting  at the bar, on the beach, the reggae band is playing for the prize ceremony and I really gotta get going because we have a plane to catch tomorrow morning at 6 am. We are now going to the Grenadines to shoot a lot of nice pictures and videos .

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